Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our life has changed so much since I last posted because Lucy is here!! She was born July 26 at 12:05. Here she is with her daddy just moments after being born!

Here's a short version of Lucy's arrival.
11:30 Sunday evening I got out of bed and when I stood up I heard and felt something pop! My water had broken! 1:00am we were at WakeMed getting checked out to make sure it was my water that had broken. I could have told the doctor's that!!! The big gushes of water wasn't me using the bathroom. I can't remember when but I received the epidural fast and the one who gave it to me did a great job! It was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. For some reason I had always been nervous about getting one. Around 7am the best possible delivery nurse checked into work and introduced herself to me. She was AMAZING!! Everything was going great with the delivery process. Lucy and I were progressing along and at 11:15 I started to push. My goal was to deliver her and get a lunch tray! I was SO hungry At 12:05 she was born...and shortly after I had lunch!
Our life has changed so much within the past year but we wouldn't trade one minute of it.

Here is Josh and Lucy at the hospital just before going home.

Here is a picture of her first night home.

My dad made this surprise sign for Lucy!

Here's us on our date night this past weekend.

Here is Lucy riding along in her cadillac of a stroller!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our bags are packed and her room is done! Josh told me the other night that the only thing missing from her room is her!
This weekend we will be at 39 weeks and the excitement is growing as my grandparents are packing their bags to head up to be here for her arrival.
Here's pictures of Lucy's room!

Monday, July 12, 2010

2.5 weeks to go!

This past weekend was great! One of my high school friends threw me a shower and the youth group threw me a surprise shower! So...two showers in one weekend equals a lot of fun!!!

Here's a picture of me and friend from high school who threw me the shower on Saturday! She knows how much I love it when people want to touch my belly! ....yea, not really...that's one thing I won't miss about being pregnant.

Here's a picture of me, Josh and our youth!

Lucy isn't even born yet and we already have stories we like to share with people. These are the things I will miss about being pregnant!

1.) A few months ago when she was still small enough to swim around she was balled up on the right side of my belly. Josh started to poke her so she swam over to my left side. Josh poked at her again and she went back to my right side. After playing this little game of going back and forth she swam to the middle of my belly and sunk down so her Daddy would leave her alone so she could sleep!

2.) Almost two weeks ago I discovered that she likes her back to be rubbed! While I was resting in bed one afternoon I started to rub her's easy to find now because she is head down. As I started to rub she started to push her back up more and more to where that spot on my belly became so tight!!

3.) I'll wake up in the middle of the night on my side and she is kicking and punching the bed.

4.) She is growing so much...the other night I kept waking up to her stretching her legs out pushing up and out in my upper right abdomen.

Friday, July 2, 2010

1 Month!

Our little girl keeps growing more and more everyday...just like our anticipation! Everyday I wonder if she will be able to fit inside of me any longer. She can't stand it when I sit up. I guess I'm crowding her because she will start to squirm or just punch and kick me.
Here's a little peek into her room. We have been slowly putting it together and are hoping to finish it within the next two weeks!

Well, I'm at 36 weeks! According she weighs approximately six pounds which is as much as a Crenshaw Melon. I'm not really sure that I've ever seen one of those so I pulled up a picture of one on their website. Here it is.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm from Florida so I know what it's like to live in hot weather! North Carolina's weather is AMAZING!! I love seeing each new season. My favorite season is probably fall and summer and my least favorite is winter! I mean why does it need to stay SO cold for SO long?!?
I have always loved the summer months because it's warm and I can hit up the pool, lake and beach!! This summer has been a little different because I have a little wiggle worm inside of me that weighs about the size of a honey dew melon. Needless to's been HOT!!
On my way to the grocery store yesterday I saw this!

Pregnant lady + 100 degrees weather = HOT! ...not cool.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

3 BIG summers...

So Josh and I have been thinking about the last three summers.

Summer 2008 we were just starting to date! Here's a picture of us on my surprise date. He took me to Kanki for dinner and then we went and played putt putt.

Summer 2009 we were engaged and planning our wedding!! :D Here we are in St. Augustine, FL visiting family ...and the beach.

Summer 2010 we are married and 32 weeks pregnant!! Here's a picture of all three of us just this morning before heading out to church.

We can't wait for Lucy to get here! She is so strong and such a little wiggle worm.

Friday, May 14, 2010

29 Weeks!

Let the countdown begin! Before we know it Lucy will be here!! We can not wait. Lately she has been jabbing at my ribs and moving my computer around when I put it on my stomach.
Other than that it's been kinda boring around here! I know when she gets her we will have a lot more to post about. :D